Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Moved out...


Last time, I posted my news last January 2018.  Last February, I got a house with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage and very nice large back yard.  My family and I had been cleaning the whole house.  It was very hard work because the previous owner passed away. Previous owner left everything in the house. We had to toss the stuff out of the trash ... been cleaning from top to the bottom.   You probably wanted to know what's going on and I rather to stay personal.  Just for my family and me. 

Last April 2018 - I had thought for long time to sell my Baron mobile home so I can move in "GrayStar" ( a house that I called.. ) It took a while for me to sell my mobile home and finally, a young man bought my Baron.  I had a mixed emotions about leaving Baron.... Some were happy and some were sad.  Happy.... that I sold Baron because the lot rent kept going up, up and up.  I find it silly that the rent price had gone up so high... Happy- I got a chance to move to a bigger place to live.  Sad - I worked so hard on Baron for 5 years to make everything look good, miss my flowers and plants that I grew, I missed my bright living room.   I decided to let it go and a young man took over my Baron..

April 21st, ( It is funny that I bought Baron on April 21st 2013 and I moved to GrayStar on April 21, 2018) I moved to GrayStar...

I will create a small videos of each rooms that my family helped me.  Also, KK ( sister ) helped to clean and painted..

I promise.

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