Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cobalt Blue Chair and Icky Floor of Hallway...

Hi !

I can't remember who gave me an old chair with twine seat. It was falling apart and I would hate to throw it away. I decided to give a try.... Paint on it :)

It had a kid's scribble note on top of the wood and I don't know what it says...
I won't LET anyone to sit on it or their feet would be up the air!! :)

* Marked by crayon on the wood*.. 

Years ago, I got a free pint of paint from online.  I don't know why I picked Cobalt blue so I decided to use it up.  So BLUE! 

All done :) 

I decided to put it on my flower garden.  I used an old enamel bowl as bird bath and come to find out that it was leaking.  Errrrrrrrr... rust hole.  I have to put E6000 glue to cover the hole so I can fill 'er up with water.  
Free Bird Bath! 

With out bird bath.  I think it looks good!!! 

My hallway...
Last Tues.. ( 04-14-2013)
Something stank. 
I dislike old carpet .... it smelled like previous owner. I decided to RIP it out!! 
Nasty... Disgusting...
I have no clue how old it was.... probably back in late of 1970's

Bye Bye Sucker! 

Carpet padding - the worst part.... it fell apart..

Padding dusts!!! 

Today, I finally ripped the mosaic tiles...
See wood panel on side... 

It was ruined by rain.  I'm not surprised to see another holes and it will be taken care of ... soon! 
Probably tomorrow, I will call Lowe's, Menards and others about replacement window. 


Till next time...

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