Saturday, May 18, 2013

April 19, 2013 1972 Baron

I've been thinking about getting me a mobile home since last Fall.  I researched about MH for long time and learned lots of new ideas.  Till, April 19, 2013..



OH Yeaaaa, I bought it = JUST for me!!!

Ooooo Gosh!

It is 1972 Baron.  It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  ( I was hoping for 1 1/2 bathrooms.)  It has 60 feet long and I think it's 19 feet wide.  720 sq feet.  I do not care what other people think of it. It's all mine!  Every room had a dark "cave" room!!  It looked smaller and made me feel "blah".

It has 18 windows.

Even, I can't open one window!


Every room has bad corner "rotten" woods.


I am not rushing to fix all the rooms and I'm taking one at a time.

Here are the pictures .....


Got my very own keys! 
No more landlord!
I"m the owner!! 

My best friend, MM and I.. 
I was not feeling very well due of surgery.  I looked so pale. 

Drove 45 minutes to gather my things and drove another 45 minutes back to my MH.

I was excited to sit on my favorite "Fat" chair! I haven't see my things for almost 4 months! 

Getting full..... and.... 

We filled up in Rental truck and 2 SUVs!!!  
*amen*... Yep mostly was CRAFTS!! 

Me and my sister, K

*East side*
Living Room with ugly Window AC 
but hey, it works! 

*Middle of the MH*
Kitchen...with D.e.a.d stove...

*2nd Bedroom*
Craft Room

* Craft room* with sliding door...
I ripped the door off. It had been wobbled and it can't be fix.. 

Err.... Bathroom with yellow toilet, shower/tub with crazy mosaic blue, green and yellow floor. 
So Seventies!   

*West Side*
Master Bedroom... everything were so DARK and the carpet is SHAG and blue....! 

Master Bedroom's Closet
I had to RIP the door off because it always get stuck.  I hated it. 

Master Bedroom's Door
The doorknob is plastic and yellow.

Unloaded boxes from Rental truck. 
Tired little girl... 
It took me DAYS to unpack the boxes.

More to Come... 



Huckleberry stitches said...

Congratulations! It is so darling!!! Honey you can brighten up with a coat of KILZ primer and then a fresh coat of paint!! (we own 3 MH's and This is how you paint the walls in a MH! Good luck!

Geneva said...

1972 seems to be a very good year...seems like a lot of folks are buying that vintage. You'll have it looking like Home in no time. Can't wait to see what you do!