Thursday, July 5, 2012


how do you like my background and header?  I like it! :)
It takes me forever to figure the gadgets out and I'm glad that I'm not bald yet!!

The weather is AWFUL because the temperature went up to 100 degree for DAYS!!  I heard that this Saturday, it supposes to go up to 103.  I'm not looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to FALL !!  Poor A/C running like crazy and I'm very lucky to have 2 ACs !!

Being stuck in home, I've been working on Zentangle to keep my mind busy.  It's fun doing this but I need to go back to work on my crafts very soon.  *Tsk tsk*.. :)

Here is my artwork...

 Flowers ( Looks like 1970's Hippie Flowers )  with green background...

Till Next time!  ( Stay cool !! ) XoX

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