Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow, I haven't write anything in my blog since last Feb 5th!

I've been real busy since last spring.  Really, I don't know where to start...
I sold my car because it had stopped running and looked like it needed new parts.  I can't afford to get it repair.  I just decided to sell my car and ended up using my 25+ years old bike!  I don't miss paying insurance and gas!

Here is my ole' Savannah bike and of course, it's PINK! :) The basket up front of my bike is very very useful and I'm glad that I got it!  :)

So far, I've been working on America Quilt and it needs foot border.  Then, I will add batting and back fabric.... Hand stitching... Perfect for 4th of July! AMERICAAAAA! 

During night time, I am working \ hand-stitch on Colorful Stars. I think 2 more rows to finish everything! Woo woo.. and next will be bind around the quilt.  THEN, I will be done! *can't wait!*
What's next? 
I will try to work on my blog and probably will change my border and background, if I have the time!  

You all have a GREAT Summer and please stay cool and hydrate!! 
Till next time!  XoX D. 

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