Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thread Spool Heart on a Frame..

Hi ya Folks!

I'm so excited to show you something what I made with old wooden thread spools that friend of mine gave it to me.... some were from my Grandma's that had been sitting in my sewing box for YEARS!!!  I didn't know what to do till today!..

I found a picture with GOLD ( yuck ) frame from Dollar General.  It was $8.00 but it marked down to 10 CENTS!!  Yes, TEN CENTS!  The picture was O.K.  I had to buy it and put it away till a light bulb dinged above my head! ( I should buy more but DANGGGGGGG!!! )

Ok Ok, I shut up..

The picture was O.K.

I flatly refused to buy for 8 dollars but it was on sale for TEN CENTS!!!  Woooo!

I noticed that the picture is made out of wood.  I carefully pried the picture off from the frame and put homespun fabric - Glued it around.  Be sure the fabric is flat and even or you will have wrinkle background.  I've thought about paint on the wood but nah...

Find old wooden thread spools as much as you can.  Friend of mine didn't want it and gave it to me.   It had been sitting in the closet for some while.  I found extra small thread spools from my Grandma.  It had been in my sewing box for about 20 years!!  My Grandma was an avid quilter. She saved all different colors of threads for her quilts.

Put it on the board very careful.  I used my eyes to make it perfect but it doesn't have to be perfect.  Use hot glue each thread spool and put it back where it belongs.  One at a time.  Patience.. Patience...

I painted black on the frame.  Let it dry and hot glue the board on the frame.  Ta-da!  I love it!!

Some of the spool has a price on it.  Some are 15 cents and some are 30 cents!  Right now, it costs me $2.97 per spool. 

Side of the spools.  You can see threads that I do not want to take it off.  The little ones and white spools belongs to my grandma's. 

Now, Time for me to find more from garage sales, rummage sales and estate sales. I would love to make more and also, will keep my eyes on Dollar General's sale of 10 cents!  :D :D

Love! <3 


Deb aka SilentCrazyStars... said...

Testing :)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant job... I love the one you made, great deal you bought frame and converted to primitive frame.. Good thing you saved the wooden spools, I do not see them around anymore.. I have few of those somewhere... Frame was great deal wow !!! I am sure next time you would buy bulk and your bright idea will come at anytime.. I love your BLOG... Hugs Zina

Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

That is awesome! Great price --10 cents?! love those kinds of deals.