Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Tiny Kitchen - Nothing Fancy... but Cozy..

Please welcome to my tiny kitchen.
Nothing fancy but cozy... My kitchen faces to East side and didn't get much light except in the morning...

You can touch your hand on the ceiling... it used to be attic but the room transformed to kitchen. 

On your left side, there is sink, stove and cabinet of spices and mason jars filling with spices, and etc. 

Above the sink, there is a pot of orchid... I'm waiting for flowers to bloom and I guess I did something wrong to make it grow!  There is a small floating shelf that my 1st daughter gave it to me for Christmas a couple years ago. Small cansiter, Rowe's Pottery and small snowlady that someone made it for me years ago.

2 big cansiters of sugar and flour above the stove,... couple of spices on the cabinet..

A small window along with stained glass and 2 red prism hangings... Lucky Bamboos that my sister gave it to me...

On the right side of the kitchen, I put my small runner that I made few days ago with Rowe's pottery... small candle in tin cup... rusty star and sampler that I stitched years ago. ( I know I need to put more small pictures in the picture frame! )

I love my small runner that I made.  It's very colorful :)

Rusty Star that my sister gave it to me because she knew I'm crazy about STAR! Sampler that I made years ago.

See closer..
"A smile is a curve that often sets things straight."

Heart magnet necklace....

Thank you for stopping by!

Till Next time!  Xox

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