Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!

2011 left...
2012 just came in!

I wish you all have a Happy New Year and I wish you the best!!!

It is time to create a new resolution of 2012.  I have a longest list in my mind but I'm not going to share! :)   If I do, it wouldn't have happen.   I hope I can stick with it and do my best this time. 

I'm sure there will be LOTS of changes in my life for this year of 2012. 

Maybe... find me a new soulmate this year.  I can feel it in my bone but never know.... I wish I could have a magic ball that it will tell me what will it happen to me in the future.... but it will not work. Heh ...

I decided to stay home for New Year's eve.  I made my own delicious snacks along with wine.  Yum. And, I watched New York's New Year eve at N.Y. on T.V. I'm glad that I'm home instead of standing on the concrete road or sidewalk.  :)

I wish you the best and Happy New Year to all! 

Till Next time... xo

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