Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting there...

Hello Readers!

I have been working on Jacob's Ladder Quilt since January 9, 2012.  Still using old fashison way to stitch.  Handstitching that I like.  I don't like to stitch by machine after batting/fabric.  That's me. :)

Handstitching reminds me of my Grandma Irene and my mother.  My stitches are O.K. - Grandma's better than me. She would stitch every tiny stitch.  It brought me good memories of my Grandma.  I might stitch better in the future.  Patience is not my best friend.  :)

It's nice to cover my legs to keep warm while stitching.  Oh, I love the colors along with black triangles...

I like to get ready with several needles and thread beside me.  I put thread/needle on my right side till it runs out.  Time to put threads in needles to get ready for sewing.   I have a small TV dinner table beside me so that way, I don't have to look for threads, finger thimble or whatever so.  I hate to shove my hand under the cushion! 

I love my leather thimble!  But still, I kept stabbing myself for no reason.  *chuckles*..

I have several bend of needles!  I guess I better cut down with lifting weights!  ;o)  I'm glad that I have new package of needles from my mom.

Stay warm, will you? 

Till next time, Deb


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The Rusty Thimble said...

I bend my needles all the time LOL

stronger then we think