Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crazy Triangle Quilt

'allo Readers!

I'm so glad that I finished the top of Crazy Triangle quilt.  Next will be batting and back fabric to put all together. I used left over fabrics to put all together and it took me approximately 3 weeks!  It's fun.. ( I'm planning to use hand-stitch the quilt... )

Crazy, isn't it?  :)  It is not easy as you thought.  I had to be sure the triangles put in right way and then, I got all mixed up.  I had to use ripper to rip it apart and sew it back together.  *bonks my head*. 

My bed is full size and it will be perfect for queen size bed.  It's overflowing! :)   But, that's OK.  If it doesn't sell, then I'll keep it for myself. 

I love the small triangles!  I put it between large triangles. I find it pretty.  Don'tcha think so? 

Enjoy! XoXo..

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