Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ms. SnowLady

I just finished working on Ms SnowLady.  I find her cute!!  I put her on flat cheese grater. ( you can't see but it is behind her. )

She has 2 glitter snowflakes, evergreens, 2 icicles and she is holding 3 glitter snowballs.  I stitched 3 snowmen on her dress. 

Love her stretchy and long hat.  Added red bell... Scraf wrapping around her neck to keep her warm! 

She's holding 3 snowballs - You better watch out or she will throw it at ya. :) 

Happy Frosty's Day..

( If you are interested to order it - you can contact me )  Thank you for reading..

Till Next time... xox  D.

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