Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Chapter?

I want to start a new chapter.

I'm starting to save money for move out.  Friend of mine is willing to help me to find a small house so that way, I can move out.  Her brother in law is renting several houses but it's not available but he will keep my name on the list.  Also, he's animal lover!  He said that I can adopt a dog.  I want to adopt a puppy but I don't trust my landlord. 

I lost my best friend who stopped contacting me.  I have no clue why he stopped talking to me.  Questions are dancing above my head.  I have to let him go and it's very hard for me.  He will be in my heart forever. 

I"ve been working so hard to work on my crafts and hope that it will help me to save $$ faster. 

I will not look back and am looking forward to it.  New surrounding.  New place.  New address.

I can't wait to start a new chapter. 

xox D.

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