Sunday, September 11, 2011


"I can't love you back."

I can love you in the morning
I can love you all day
I can love you even more when I get home
I can love you every second to the ends of the earth

Where needing you're the only thing that's on my broken one track mind

Girl, I love you crazy
It comes so easy, after all we had
I could love you with all my heart
But the hardest part is
I just can't love you back

I could write a thousand letters
Call a hundred times a day
Or try to drown my sorrow at the bar
I could go down to the church
Get on my knees and pray

But it still won't change the way things really are
Won't bring you back again

I can love you for all I'm worth
To the ends of the earth
But I just can't love you back

This song reminded me of someone. 
We talked each other all the time for about 2 1/2 years.
We got a chance to get know each other.
He knew my ways.
I knew his ways.
We laughed all the time.
We concerned about something and we talked about it.
If I miss him, I would call him.
If he misses me, he would call me.
BAM! Phone ringing became silent.
He stopped talking to me or even not call me ...
for some reasons. 
I do not understand because he never tells me why.
That makes me very upset and very confused.
It's not fair for me.
I tried to contact him via e-mails and tried to call him.
I heard nothing from him.
In my mind,  Is he sick?  Is he seeing someone?
I'm confused and am little bit concerned about him.
No words from him.  Not even a "Hello".
"Hey, Deb... I'm fine or I'm seeing someone."  OR, ...... ?
I was watching this show,  "I can't love you back." 
How do you feel if it happens to you?  How do you feel if it happens to me?
My heart shattered into a pieces,  it takes forever for me to put back in glue.
What can I do with him?
Shall I let him go?  Stop worrying about him.
I guess he didn't want me but I hate to sit here wondering what did I do?
I can't love you back.. 

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