Friday, April 22, 2011

:::: Thunkin' ::::::
:::::::: Thread snappin' :::::::
:::::::: Bobbin screwin' up :::::::::
::::::::: Mumbles::::::::::::

I peeked thur the machine to see what's going...
See what I saw.....

::::::: damn lint gremlins hiding in bobbin's area:::::::
:::::::: damn stray threads wrappin' around in somewhere:::::

It's time to tune-up my oldie machine.. I had to brush off with my paintbrush. Do you want it ?  I doubt it..

Heh!  Good idea!!
Tweaked it.... Oiled it...Cleaned it all up.... till I don't see any gremlins hidin' in my machine.  Cuz I needed my machine!!

AHHHHHHHH!! Look so sparkly clean and much better!!   I can see myself on bobbin's case.  Hi there!

Let's test it.. .Sew it away!  It worked so much better - Much BETTER!!!  Let's SEW!!!

Till next time!  XoX..

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