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Myself and My Blog

I decided to put Kymberly's blog from "The Cuteness of Curiosity who asked me a several Questions. I was very glad to answer her Q's.  It was on November 15, 2010. 

1. Tell us about yourself and your blog.

Hello! My name is Debra. Everybody calls me Deb or Debbie. I’m a crafter of Folk Arts/Country, photographer, vlogger of DeafVideo.TV, jewelry maker and quilter. I’m a mother of 2 beautiful daughters and Me Maw (grandma) of 4 years old granddaughter and grandson to be. ( He should be born anytime!!! I’m very excited!! ) I have a lovely mother who taught me with crafts for many years. My mother is a spinner, quilter, basket maker, and a Master of knitter! That’s how I learned many things from my mother. She has a wonderful patience with me because I kept jabbering her ears off about crafts!! Bless her heart and I love you..

My blog - I love to read blogs for years and I’ve always want to set up my own blog. So I did!! I set up few years ago with different name and it got faded away. I had to boost my butt to set up a new blog this year. I decided to set up with different name as SilentCrazyStars. I want to show some demos how to make things to deaf people with sign languages. I’m planning to set up videos in my blog and would love to show and share my talents with them. I’ve received many calls to ask me how to work things out as yo-yo’s, quilt ideas, and numerous of things. I am glad to show how and also, I’ve learned new things from them! Thanks to VP ( videophone for the deaf ). Also, I want to thank to my sister, Kelly who has BIG patience with me.. She kept encouraged me to set up a blog and praised me for my works. I always ask her what did she think of my craft things. She would give me her thumb up and thumb down ( rarely!! Haha.. ) Love you, Sister!!

Why did I choose SilentCrazyStars?

Silent - I was born deaf and always be deaf all my life. Hey, I’m proud to be deaf!!

Crazy Stars - I’m crazy about stars. Every time, I see stars, I go crazy and make stars. I get sweat, hyper and teeth chatterin’. Hehehe..! So I decided to create this name which as I love!

2. Share something unique about the town/city you live in.

Wow,….Right now, my town is very quiet and small. I would say it has 5,000 populations more or less and it only have one small Wal Mart, few pizza parlors, McDonalds/Taco Bell/KFC. There is a lake few miles away from here. There is something unique about my town because the people who work there, they knew me very well and knew my name. Also, they knew that I’m deaf. They would touch my shoulder, waved at me and asked me how I was doing. One lady from Wal Mart knew that I always buy fabrics or craft items, she kept asking me if I was going to make quilt and had to see what I was making. I had to bring my quilt and showed it off. Many oohh’s and ahh’s. They were impressed my talents and works.

3. What special things do you do to make yourself feel awesome?

When I finished American Red, White and Blue quilt, this was my first big quilt for the bed. I created the pattern my own way. There were no patterns or directions for me to make this quilt. I just measured, cut, and sew. The measurement was pain in the butt but I knew I can do it! Never say, “ I CAN’T, DO IT”. Then, I hand sew all over the blocks and trims. I was surprised that I finished it because it took me weeks to finish it even through hot weather during summer! I spread it on my bed and stepped back. I’m like AWESOME!!! I can’t believe myself that I did this!! Made in U.S.A!! My own hands, sweat, and creative!! That’s so AWESOME because there is NO patterns or NO directions! It came out from my mind. I’m so damn proud of myself and am proud to be an American. I love to watch people’s face whoever I give to, their face would delight and big smile from ear to ear! It made me feel awesome and giddy so I knew that they just love it very much.

4. What is your creative talent? (cross stitch, embroidery, quilting etc...) Tell us about it.

I learned how to cross stitch when I was 14 years old. My mom had craft party or something like that. One package caught my eyes and I’ve always wanted to learn. I asked her to teach me how to do it. She did and man, you should see my sloppy work. Haha.. I have about over 20 cross stitch that I made for many years. I have few cross stitched pictures up on my wall that I can look up and admire it.

Embroidery - Yes, I learned that too. I had old blue jean shirt and sew different styles on my jean shirt. I was about 17 years old and I was so proud to wear it ! People would come up and studied my blue jean shirt and ohh’ed and ahh’ed! Few weeks ago, I also made/hand sew magnolias baby quilt for my mom who wanted me to finish it for her. It came with magnolias flowers, birds and buds. She planned to sell it but she changed her mind. She planned to put it up on the wall. She couldn’t get over with my talent.

Quilting - I made several baby quilts, medium size quilt (STARS, of course!) for my wall in the living room. I love to make baby quilts. I remembered my mother and grandmother set up quilt on quilt framer which as it took over the living room! They would bend down, their noses near the quilt, stitch every few TINY inches and I couldn’t get over with it and it always stuck in my mind. That’s how I admired my mother’s and grandmother’s talent and dreamed that one day, I’ll be a quilter just like them. I am proud to say that I’m a quilter!! Pah!

Folk Arts/ Scroll sawing - I love to create anything unique to put something in old cheese grater, old flour sifter, and cheese boxes. Thank to my mom and sister who go to garage sale to look for old things for me to set up for my crafts. Scroll sawing - I remembered years ago, my ex asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I requested a scroll saw machine. He looked at me and thought I was nuts. Haha.. I loved to cut woods, and painted on it. Right now, it’s sleeping in my storage because I do not have any shed or garage. I’m working on that!!

Sewing - I love to sew! I’m not that great on clothes. Arm sleeves would go backward or dress would go crooked. I love to sew for quilts, small dolls, teddy bears or whatever so.. But not on dress or shirt! I’m so bad on it. Haha. I used to have sewing machine for 17 years and it fell apart till I got my new ones few years ago. I would love to have long armed sewing machine . I’ll get one someday!

5. Who do you admire and why?

Oohhh, There is so many people that I admire! First of all, I admire to God. There is nothing for me to say about God. I’m very private about religious. It’s between me and Him. If there is something bothering or worrying me, I would pray to God and ask them for their guidance. I read one of Amish book and one sentence caught my eyes. “Worry is a sin.” I thought myself, dang, that’s right. I try not to worry and I know that God will take care of the troubles and worrisome. My dad has a paper on his dresser. It says, “ Give your trouble to God. He’s up all night anyway.” Every time, I see this words, it reminds me to not to worry. God is good and special to me.

My Daughters - I admire them very much and I love them from the bottom of my heart. I watched them to come out from my womb, grew up till they became beautiful ladies with strong wills in their mind. They are very precious to me and beautiful too. I want to thank them for beautiful granddaughter and grandson to be. Without them, I will not be around. They are my rocks!

My Mother - I admire my mother who taught me how to grow to be a strong willed lady. My mother has 2 deaf daughters which as I’m deaf and my sister is hard of hearing. My mother refused to send us away from our home because she wanted to see her children on dinner table. I do not realize that she has so much patience with me and taught me to watch my back, watch where I was going, taught me how to speak, and support me all the way when I went through bad relationship. She would give me her suggestions and never tell me what to do. She has so much love in her heart that doesn’t show me but I knew that she loves me and wants me to stay strong. I never forget this moment when I was sitting in the car with my mom. I would complain to her till my face turned blue. I was not successful with my crafts and wanted to be successful one of these days. She would listen my whining stories and she waited till I stopped. Mom said, “Well….. You have to work hard, create something that you never see it before. God has a plan for you.” I would roll my eyes and wanted to do it now. She made me to listen to her very hard and said, “ Well… There is a different paths that you HAVE to figure things out. You would walk on this path and you failed. Go to different path and maybe you will be successful. You will NEVER know.” I guess I’ve been walking to many paths and I’m still searching to find a right path. Patience is patience. That’s all I need to be patience. I will never give it up.

Princess Diana - You would say HUH? I adore Princess Diana and her courage about saving children from the mine, sick children from the hospital and many things that I admire her very much. I remembered her telling to one of her son about her son being rough on his rabbit. She told him to be very gentle because the rabbit has their own feeling. Her word hit me very hard and she was right. I’m very strong about animal’s feelings and am very against to animal cruelty, abusing animals and support Pit Bulls.

6. We all have rough days, what do you do just for yourself, when you aren't feeling so fabulous?

When I don’t feel so fabulous, I would put jogging pants on and holey t-shirt on, nothing to worry about my hair or looks. I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned the whole house! If I get stress from working on my crafts, I would put a time out and find something do around the house. OR, I would lay on my bed and read the whole book to refresh my brain cells.

7. What do you love about yourself?

Umm…. I love me! I have to remind myself that I have to love myself.



Laid-back and easy going.



Sense of humor.

The other day, I talked one of deaf lady from California. She admired my life because I love everything as I love to help to solve the problems, love animals, my children, my dear deaf friends, and family. She thought I have a big heart even she didn’t realize it.

I just love me. It’s okay to love yourself. Don’t worry what other people think of you, all is you have to learn how to love yourself. No matter what, no matter where. Love is there.

Me, Moi and I.

8. Your mantra, or favorite quote you live by:

I have many favorite quotes~

1. Give your trouble to God. He’s up all night, anyway.
2. Love with all your heart.
3. Cherish yesterday, Dream tomorrow, Live today.
4. If it’s important to you. You will make it happen.
5. No matter what, no matter where - it’s always home if Love is there.

Thanks Kymberley!!!

Till Next time XOX!

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