Monday, January 24, 2011

~2010~ Oh my, Time flew so fast... Where did it go?

I've been looking thur my pictures of 2010. 
Oh my...

Time really flew so fast!!

Got a chance to babysit Zoey several times ...
I love being with her and got to know more about her..
Zoey still is my darlin' PRINCESS!!
::: Hail to my little Princess ::

Had family gathering for Mother's Day...
Everybody were there except 1.
which as it was my 2nd nephew...
:::: Lots of kisses and hugssss:::::

Had a blast time at Sister's garage sale...
Earned money !!!
::::::: Show me the money! $$$:::::::::
I'm glad that I got rid of my stuff that I don't need...
It was wonderful to spend my time with my girls... and my... Sister!

Celebrated birthdays... Counted their candles..
:::: blew many candles as much as you can!::::::
Got a chance to see everybody which as I love.... Dearly!

Found out that 2nd daughter and her Man expecting a child..
A big surprise for me and everybody!!

Found out it was a little BOY!!
::::Picked my jaw from the floor::::

Oh my.... Time really really flew so fast!!
That made my head spin...
:::: Whewoooo!::::::

All is GOOD!!
I'm loving it every minutes!!

Months went by...
We waited... waited... waited... for Baby Boy...
:::tapped our feet against the floor::::::

2nd Daughter's belly got big, bigger, biggest...
Loved to feel baby wigglin' inside of her belly..
Wondered what he will look alike...

Season changed... from Spring.... to Summer... to Fall...
::::: Twirling out thumbs... waiting:::::::: 

December 17, 2010..

Baby Jordan came.
1 week late...

Of course, I cried.... with JOY!!

He's gorgeous!!!
He's a big baby but so little to me..

I only held Baby Jordan about 10 mintues till he passed to someone's arm...

I came home from long week...
I got real sick for 2 1/2 weeks..
::::::::Oh no!!:::::::::

Didn't get a chance to spend my time with my family to celebrate our Christams Day..

Of course, I cried with pains..

Thank God for Interenet..
2nd Daughter sends me videos and pictures of Jordan...
that made me smile..
::: Of course, I did :)  ::::::::

Oh my, Time really flew so fast.. Where did it go???
:::::: It went 'vooooooom" ::::::::::::

Till, 2011..

New chapter for me....

Till next time... XoXo...


Kelly K said...

That was a wonderful story of 2010 and the collage was beautiful !! Such a beautiful family !!! Love ya !!

Ardizz said...

Enjoyable website! Congratulations!
xo, Angela aka Ardizz