Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last month and this month, I was extremely busy as bee.  It really blew my mind away and then.... BOOM.. I'm done with all the orders and other projects that I finished.  ILY Paws ornaments and ILY Tissue Cases. 

I've been in and out several times.  I had been out of town (45 miles away) too because my 2nd Daughter is expecting her baby any time.  She admitted in the hospital 2 times for 2 days.  We thought she would have her baby in her arms but Noooo!  They send her home.  2nd D decided to stay home till her water breaks or needs to have a c-section.  Today is her original due date.  I have to sit real tight till Baby comes out!  I can't wait !! :)

My car died.  My car can't stand cold and the battery died.  Every winter, my battery always drained so fast - I guess it needs a garage for me to tuck in.  I'm waiting for a friend who recharges the battery for me and install it in my car tonight or tomorrow.  Who knows?  I heard Winter Storm is on the way for this weekend.  *groans* If my car doesn't work at all, that means I have to walk to store or anywhere.  ( I'm not looking forward to it. 

I need to find something to do.  It's driving me nuts.

Stay warm, Folks...

XoX  D.

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