Friday, October 1, 2010

Trip to Apple n Pork Festival

In my town - every year, they had a festival of Apple n Pork.  I realized that it was 42 years. I've been going there for almost 9 years and I didn't realize that was LONG!  One year that I missed - it had a real bad thunderstorm and couldn't go. 

42 Years Annual Apple n Pork Festival...  

They cooked a couple of kettles of Ham n Pork Bean soups.  I'm not crazy about it... I don't see much of apple except Apple cider and apples slathering with carmeal.

Is it enough for everybody?  :)

1st place of Scarecrow.  Pig in Harley's clothes.. Alright!!
See nose earring and ears too.  Blue hair, How sexy!!
Sisters having FUN!! :)
See all those vendors - Full of foods, Crafts, Tools, and you name it.
Food Vendors on my right side..
 CocaCola Car.. I want one !!  It's $130.. Eekk..
More vendors beside the sidewalks.. Smell wonderful !

Pretty landscape.  Love the mums and pumpkins..

Dragonfly - Lawn ornament..
Colorful dye shirts..

Cherub sitting on globe - lawn ornament..
Another CocaCola Rooster.. So cute!
Pretty Heart iron basket..
Now, I want that for my birthday!  STAR!!
Pumpkins and squashes..
Pretty pumpkins and gourds.  The green ones look like Swan shape..
All dressed up with pretty skirt and bows.. :)  It was so cute when the dog walked - her skirt went shakin' shakin'.. :)
Look at yellow sunflowers.  It made out from car's tire and cut up as sunflower shape.  Put screen and staple around the flower.  Scatter with sunflower seeds.  AH, good idea!! ( Won Blue Ribbon, Way to go! )
Critters made out of rocks..
Old tractors..
The wheels look different..
Gyros!!  I don't eat much of gyros till last weekend. Of course, I ate one last Saturday and Sunday!! :D
My lunch... Yummy! Full of tomatoes, cucumber sauce and onions.......GYRO!!

Ahhhhhhhhh.... At last..... Took my gym shoes off and wore my ole' flipflops on... Wrapped myself with Granny afghan.. Man, I was sooo tired from long walks!!  I had a wonderful time with my family!!  Can't wait to go back next year!!

Till Next time! XoXo _\m/


* said...

We don't eat any pork products, but the festival itself looks fun and festive!
Gald you had a good time.

Kelly K said...

That was awesome and I did too have fun. Will dinfently go again next year !

Ann said...

Oh that looks like so much fun... And nice spread of pumpkins and squashes.