Monday, September 27, 2010

PinkyPinky Quilt

Hello My Friends and Readers...

I made this pink/cream 9 blocks quilt few months ago and it had been sitting in my closet for while.  I decided to put batting and back fabric for my quilt.  I'm so glad that I finished it!  It is perfect timing because Winter is a-coming!  I alway wrap myself with old quilt or old afghan.  It's time to wrap myself with new quilt!   Why did I call Pinky-Pinky?  It reminded me of my Grandma Irene who I love her dearly.  She kept saying that she loved pink.  Her words stuck in back of my mind and thought I should call Pinky-Pinky.  :)

Grandma I. passed away about 22 years of last week of Septemeber and I still remember her since just like yesterday.  I miss you and love you, Grandma Irene.  <3

Till Next time! XoXo


* said...

That quilt would look nice in MY, I'm just saying!

It really is lovely though, I'd love to get a nice quilt for our bed some day.

Deb aka SilentCrazyStars... said...

Hi Kym.. Hehehe.. I know what you are saying. Same thing with others :) Thanks!!