Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New idea for corkboard

Hello My Friends!

I had a corkboard for many years and got tired of blah look.  I decided to rip it off from the wall and removed the pictures and etc.

First of all, you need to go outside ( of course, you don't want any sand dusts all over in the house!) You need to sand lightly around the frame.

Put blue or regular tape around the corkboard to prevent mistake "daisy-oppsie" paint on the board. 

Now, Time to paint ( your preference of the color)

Wait and Let it dry.  Repeat it as much if it need. ( No, I didn't paint my shoes, Haha)


I used a bottom of paint brush's wood handle ( Be sure that the bottom is flat so that way, it will be perfect spots) and I put white paint polka dots around the frame.  Be sure to wipe the paint off from the handle or you will have crooked or smudge circle.  It will not be pretty!

Ta-DA! All done and Be sure that all paint is dried before you hang it up on the wall.

Tomorrow, I will write about Button tacks.  Another new ideas for you!

Till Next time!



Kelly K said...

That is soo cute !! I need to get busy with my stuff.. ha !! Love ya

* said...

Cute idea!!