Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Sounds..

The Sounds? I really don't know whats alike....But, I can feel the vibes if its real loud.

The Sounds that I miss the most .....

My daughters' voices and their cries. I can tell their facial expression if they are sad or happy... even they are crying. When they were babies, I put their face near my ears and I can hear their wailing. It sounds so wonderful!

I never hear my mother's and father's voice.

Phone ringing.

Kitty's purring.

Bird's singing.

Dog's growls or yippy.

Music, of course... People asked me if I could hear the music. I would say no but I can feel the bass beats not Singer's voices. They said.. "Oh that is too bad!" Whatever. But, I can feel the vibes if its real loud or move myself closer to speaker.

My own voice....Nope, I can't hear myself. Some people tell me that I have real soft voice and I have to speak lil bit louder. Well, I can't tell if I talk too loud or too soft.

I hate it.........When they found out that Im deaf,  they have to scream at me. I can feel their air blowing at my face. Yuck. Duh....Talk to me as normal. Or They have to Talk real slow like M-a-a-yy-y-y I H-e-e-e-l-l-l-p-p-p Y-o-o-ou-u-u? or They talk too fast. Whoa.. Wait a min...Slow down, please. I have to read lips. Just talk regular. Do not scream or talk real s-l-o-w- or fast as 100mph.

Phone- I wish I could blabber on the phone just like everybody.

Speak as everybody. I wish I could write better. You probably can tell my * deaf * Language. Thats fine if you think I'm kinda slow as retard. Whoope doo.. Just accept the way I am. I know I'm smart but I'm not very good with English. Im trying my best.

I wish I could hear if someone walks behind my back instead of scare me to death. (( heart beats fast, Oh whew! )) Or I jump up and I have to pry my fingers from the ceiling.

Sometimes, I get depressed because I'm deaf. But, Not always, sometimes I do feel proud of myself. I can do anything as you do. I attended 3 yrs college with an interpreter, I drive and I can do anything except can't hear.

So, whats sounds alike? Some people thinks that I'm lucky that I dont have to hear annoy sounds. But, really, I do want to hear.  I wish I have one hour to be a hearing person so that way, I can hear something like Zoey's cute voice, my parent's voice and anything!

Someday, I will hear. When I die, I'm going to be a singer and sing out loud and you can hear me in miles away. Yup, I will hear one of these day. Fa la la la..

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