Monday, August 23, 2010

Little about me..

You wonder why I picked the name as "SilentCrazyStars". Let me tell you.. it took me a while to choose this name. I used to have another name but I decided to switch to new ones.

Silent... I was born deaf. It runs thru my mother's side. I used to have a great-uncle, a great-aunt and a great-great uncle who were born deaf. So, I only hear........ is silence. I only hear very loud noises, loud music ( not word by word), big dog’s barking. I can read lip if you talk normal - do not SCREAM at me because it doesn’t work at all. Heheh.. I have a hard of hearing sister who is my best friend. J

Crazy.. Of course, I am crazy for anything. I love to learn ANYTHING! I will not give it up unless I can’t stand it or can‘t figure that out. I try not to say, “ I can’t!” It’s not allowed! I’m crazy of crafts. I’m crazy of my granddaughter and grandson-to be. If I see anything I like, I go crazy! So many crazy things that I can’t name it.

Stars.. I love stars. RED, BLUE and WHITE!! I have several stars around my house and love to collect stars too.

Perfect name as SilentCrazyStars ~ !

When I write anything come out from my mind, It will be in my blog. It can be about my crafts, food, feelings, myself or anything. If you think it is boring, that’s not my problem. You can always leave here.

I’m a crafter of Folk Arts.

I love to quilt. Thanks to my mom and grandma!

I’m mother of 2 beautiful daughters. I’m so proud of them - really!

I’m MeMaw of 1 granddaughter and grandson to be ( will be born on Dec 9, 2010 - Cant WAIT!)

I love to make new friends who have a great spirits and good feelings. I avoid bad people who likes to pull you down or bad feelings. Make new friends and keep old friends!

I’m from Illinois… Corn and soybeans everywhere.

I will be 50 yrs old this October and am looking forward to it. Age is just the number, haha..

I’m divorced and stay single almost 5 years.

Let me see.. Any Questions? Let me know.

Have a great Monday evening <3


Kelly K said...

I love the picture of the church with the moon. You caught it at the right time. Wonderful Blog and I enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I never knew you had one! Me too!

Im going to keep reading your blog!

Love you and miss you!