Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gone to the Beach....

My daughter asked me if I wanted to go to the beach which as I never been there before.  It was funny that I live in my town for 10 yrs and never went to the beach.  I've been gone to the Lake many times not beach.  Princess Zoey, Daughter 1 and I went to the beach and it looked very nice place to go.   Princess played with sand all day and she seemed that she had a BLAST time.  We swam in the lake even Daughter 1 and I wore our flipflops on!  I'm so glad that flipflops can FLOAT.  Hehehe.. My feet were very sensitive and can't walk on small pebbles or even sand.  I had to wear flipflops all day.

See this little piggies - Princess Zoey.
I came home with sunburn all over my shoulders, nose and feet.  I burn 1st and then I get tan.  But, this one hurts just like I walked on fire!  Yewouch!  

We had a wonderful time and the weather was just perfect - Little bit windy but that's fine by us.  :)

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