Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hello My Friends!

The weather is not pretty for few days. It has been chilly as 50ish temp. I decided to make Vegetable Beef Soup. I looked thur online recipes and I couldn't find what I would like to make. So, I decided to throw anything in the pot as I can think of. I omitted peas!! I never like peas in my soup or anything else. :)

I cooked one pound of roast beef so that way, I can split it for Veggie Beef soup and saved the rest of it for future soups. I added Beef broth, chopped carrots, corn, green beanies, cubes of potatoes and bow-tie pasta. I wanted to have tube of pasta but I couldn't find anywhere so I decided to use bow-tie pasta and it looked pretty!

I think it was my 1st time making veggie beef soup and it came out very delicious! I ate some for lunch and again, I had another bowl of soup along with steamy hot cornbread. I was in heaven! It kept my tummy warm!
I saved the rest of it in the freezer for this Winter. It's perfect for lazy days if you don't feel like to cook, grab one or 2 - zap it - you are done!
What is your favorite homemade soup? I know I probably will not get any comments from you but, that's O.K. :)
Stay warm!
xo Deb xo
Temp : 50 and Rainy..

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