Thursday, September 17, 2009

~ILY with pumpkin~

Hello My Readers!
What a busy day for me yesterday and today! I just finished making 2 ILY Halloween pillows.

What is "ILY"?

It's sign language for the deaf as "I LOVE YOU". I can see that there is lots of deaf people wanting ILY pillows for their home or anything comes with ILY. They want it! You don’t see much around in the store saying ILY projects. I feel lucky that I have talent to make it for everybody and I make their home beautiful too!

So, anyway.. You see the picture that I made “ ILY” along with orange pumpkin on the hand. The hand is all black and you can’t see that it has soft grey swirly around inside of the black fabric. The back is black too. I’m considering making more of those and if no one is interested, then I keep it for myself or save it for next year.

I’m really looking forward to Apple n Pork Festival in my town next Saturday and Sunday. My girls are coming to see me and will enjoy spending my time with them. Next Saturday and Sunday will be my “time-out” from crafting. I definitely will take a couple of pictures and post it in my blog. I hope the weather will treat us nice!

My painting is calling me and Have a wonderful day! <3


"Life is Fragile, Handle with Prayer" By Rayme aka Bikerlady

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