Friday, September 25, 2009

How to look great EVERYDAY!

Emotional Intelligence:

1. Meditate 1st thing in the morning.

2. Remind yourself but one thing what you are grateful for.

3. Remind yourself every evening about your achievements during the day.

4. Visualization technique before facing any stressful situation.


1. Brush your teeth everyday at lease once.

2. Bath everyday.

3. Cologne/perfume.. ( Not too much!)

4. Keep your hair styled/trimmed.

5. Avoid bodily fluids.

6. Wear clean clothes. Improve your fashion quotient by visiting online fashion website.

7. Wear polished shoes if wearing leather ones.

8. Don't pick your nose. Also covering your nose area while sneezing.

9. Clean your environment. Clean and organized.

10. Keep a straight posture. Who slouches, loses!

Physical Health:

1. Take multivitamin tablet/Omega 3 capsules.

2. Drink at least 3 liters of water.

3. Get at lease 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular exercises.

4. Eat Healthy!

5. Stress management/Time management.

6. Try to start day everyday 15 minutes earlier than normal. So that way, you are relaxed while doing morning chores.

7. Wake up without alarm but use your biological clock. Get into habit of walking everyday same time.

8. Keep a diary with you to put ideas/tips/anything else on paper.

9. Spend less time on Internet.

10. Break your goals in several steps and celebrate your success.

Social Skills:

1. Use SOFTNER (Smile, Open gesture lean Forward, Touch, Nod, Eyes contact, distance) technique while talking to others.

2. Disclose about yourself while talking.

3. Ask open ended questions.

4. Topics idea includes ritual questions....

CHIC - Current affair, Humor, Information, Creative

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