Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New 2018 and Sugar Skull Quilt

I'm back. 
I will try to post here as much as I can so that way,.... you can enjoy browsing my site!  I hope I'll stick my goal ! 

Today, it is first day of January.  The sky was beautiful blue and it is fridge COLD.  I took a picture of frost-flakes and it was on my kitchen's window.  I thought it was beautiful with all those shapes.

I used my Samsung Galaxy 5 and zoomed 4 X.  I edited the picture to get closer.  The flakes looked like fern plants.  It is so amazing!

Ok, Anyhoo,.. Happy New Year!

I decided to finish my sugar skull (twin) quilt that I kept putting it off for months.  I believed last spring or summer, I put lilac purple with small white polka dots fabric along with sugar skull fabric together.  After that, I put it away for so long.  I decided to do it and took me 3 days to put the batting, back fabric ( light lilac ) fabric and top together. I sew it pretty simple, nothing fancy stitches.  It came out pretty nice.  My bedroom's wall is sage white and the quilt perfectly matched with green curtains ( Flat sheet, heh! I'll explain that later....) and added deep dark purple pillowcases and throw pillows.  Not bad.

Try to stay warm.... Hi, peek a boo!  

Enjoy!  Till next time.... Debra

Temperature: -9 F ... Wind Chill -14

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Few days ago, I put my digital camera on the deck's rail and let it video as much as I can.  I went inside of the house doing my errands.  I think I left it running for about 20-25 minutes.  I was not sure if hummingbird stopped by to have a drink.  I uploaded it and watched the whole show till a hummer decided to stop by at the feeder.   Wooo!   Sorry, the video is little bit fuzzy but you can see the smallest tiny bird!   Enjoy! 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hello my friends!!

Good morning!
Beautiful Sunday with sunshine!!
The weather had been terrible with storm and strong windy in past few days ago.  We supposed to get flurries yesterday but we didn't.  Phew.   Not now!

So anyway....  I'm still here and WoW, I have not post anything in my blog - I NEED to!

My goal is .. POST pictures, stories and update my blog very soon.   I need to figure out how to post pictures from my mobile to this laptop.   Let me figure it out.  :)

Hope all is well with you.

BE right BACK! XO

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hallway - very slow....

Good Morning!!

I had to pause my works around the house...

I was extremely busy....  Had 2 garage sales, granddaughter's birthday party, and also, I had to watch my grand daughter while her parents work.  I didn't want to do anything with tools when my little girl is around.  I have to pause it for while.

I've been working on I L Y so that way, I can sell it to earn money for home fund.

This one is my 2nd ones.  

Now, my hall way.  
It is not finished.  I need to order window, get some drywalls for the ceiling and walls.  Also, I need to get me 2 nice lights and 3 ways switch.  Hopefully, I will finish next month or early of August.  

What I had done in previous weeks ago.  It's awful and lots of works.  

 Near the back of the door. 
I had to rip everything out what's rotten.  I added studs and then added OSB wood on top.  
Lots of screws!! 
Looks so MUCH better ! 

2nd "hole"
The wall was peeling real bad because of water coming in from the window.  There was a vent that it was useless.  I ripped it off and added studs and OSB wood.  
It was awkward because it was the middle of the hallway. 

3rd "Hole"
Near front door.  The floor was rotten - of course from the rain or leak from the front door. 
Ugh. I repeated it.. 

 I was afraid that my little grand-kids feet would go thur the hole.  It scares me, big time! 

Finally, I covered it up with OSB wood.  Will put carpet in the future.  

I will have to remove ceiling panels ( started to dip ), both sides of the walls.  Will put fiberglass insulation for ceiling, will have to add new window, and drywalls.  I can't wait to finish it before Early of August.   

Me working on bedroom's floor.  It was so HOT!! :)

Back to my grand daughter!  Have a great week!  Xo..